M Y   E A R L Y   D A Y S


Promo 8x10 headshot (1960's)




Modeling Rudi Gernreich dress




Modeling at home, age 6.





Lane (brother) and I rehearsing another Jane Stuart Production




Just starting out. (4) Maurice Seymour and James Kreigsman audition photo’s




(color shot)
Portraying Joan Baez in “Long Time Comin’ A Long Time Gone” w. Richard Gere

(white dress) singing in the Catskills




clips for “Curley McDimple” Off Broadway starring
Butterfly McQueen




singing at the Improv





NY Times Arts & Leisure Joe Papp’s NY Shakespeare Festival
“Sambo” from left: Veronica Redd, Ron Steward and me







Another NY Times Arts & Leisure. “Long Time Comin’ A Long Time Gone”. Clockwise from top: Me, Jessica Harper, Richard Gere, Vicki Sue Robinson





“Stop The World I Want To Get Off” pictured from left: Mara Joyce, Me, Aranetta Marie, Michele Conaway, Judith Wiley, Jackie Warner




Playbill for “Curley McDimple”




Promo 8x10 headshot




Fun with Rick & Jane Band photo’s



Rick, make believe Barney and me (makin’ the rent)



One configuration of “Airtight” from left: Rave Tesar, Harvey Auger, Me, John Cariddi, Walt Weiskopf, Rick



Backstage with high school friend Bernadette Peters after her amazing performance in “Gypsy” on Broadway



Glamour couple



Our close and wonderful friends, Victoria and Foxy



Rick, Victoria Likos and Me as shepherds in a living Nativity at Vincent Methodist Church in Nutley NJ







Dr. Jane, giving Sandy Cornelius a hug after his monthly nail clip. Dumpling!