Dont Look Back

"Formidable and versatile...She seduces the listener immediately. True to its title, this album is the essence of contemporary jazz illumination."
All Music Guide - Jonathan Widran

Jane Stuart has all the attributes of a real jazz singer and she utilizes them all in this fine album. The musicians are all first class, and that's as it should be on a recording of this caliber. "Wheelers And Dealers" Dave Frishberg penned this tune and Jane Stuart interprets it magnificently. "Let It Come To You" Is an original by Stuart. This track is an introspective look into the soul of Jane Stuart. The lyrics are beautiful and sung with the depth of musical soul searching. "Summertime" This old chestnut is given new life in this version and Jane Stuart lends a personal touch that works brilliantly. Dick Oatts strong alto soliloquy is brief but compelling. The jazz world is a better place because of this recording. It has all the attributes that will make even the casual listener take notice. John Gilbert

Jane Stuart – DON’T LOOK BACK: It’s been a while since I reviewed Jane’s superb jazz vocal work (issue # 80, in fact), but she’s still singin’ strong, to be sure! Check out the bouncy opening track, “I Just Found Out About Love“, to get a feel for her huge talent… even if jazz vocals aren’t your normal cup o’ tea, you’ll be infected with her high energy on this one! Her rendition of the Beatles’... “Eleanor Rigby” is the most unique and interesting I’ve heard in many, many years… “sleek” is the keyword here. This dozen-song aural adventure was just released in March, 2011, so get yours NOW! My favorite on this outing was Jane’s way-cool performance on “Summertime“… she proves that jazz classics don’t always have to be “covers” – she OWNS this tune here, & the keyboard is SUPERB! I give Jane & crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for listeners who can’t do without their daily vocal fix! “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is a stellar 4.98.  
Rotcod Zzaj

Jane Stuart is as complete a jazz singer as they come. With the timing of a tap dancer, the emotive responsiveness of a stage performer, a voice for the ages, and the experience to put it all together into one unified whole. While Stuart provides plenty of room for her soloists to take off, she still remains the star of her own show: delivering solid swing on "I Just Found Out About Love"; showing she crafts tender melodies with the utmost care ("You Are There") and adds just the right amount of steam to the oft-tackled "Summertime." With an album like Don't Look Back under her belt, vocalist Jane Stuart can surely look forward to more, well-deserved attention in the future.
All About Jazz – Dan Bilawsky:

Stuart really knows how to read a lyric, and imbue each of the selections with her insight and musical intelligence. There is always a deep jazz sense in her singing, something that many vocalists strive for, but relatively few achieve.
NJ Jazz Society- Joe Lang

Her rendition of the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" is haunting and full of mysterious beauty.
St. Joseph News-Press –St. Joseph, MO

Some jazz singers attempt to manipulate the audience with wild arrangements or odd backup groups to give the feeling of 'something new and exciting' about jazz. Jane Stuart discards those unnecessary trappings and simply sings with a style so secure that everything falls into place. Her choice of songs on this particular recording combines well loved traditional numbers as well as songs we would never have though belonged to the 'jazz category' - such as the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby' and 'I'll Follow the Sun' (both full of heart and real soulful understanding), and 'Who Will Buy?' from Bart's 'Oliver!', and the Rodgers and Hart 'I Didn't Know What Time It Was' and Gershwin's beloved 'Summertime' from 'Porgy and Bess'.

Stuart opens her collection with a wonderful invitation to us - 'I Just Found Out About Love - and I Like it' - because what follows is a recording that is simply one of the best of recent months. Her style is solid, honest, straightforward, and yet she makes each song very much her own. Her back up collaborators include Rave Tesar, keyboards, Rick de Kovessey, drums and Emedin Rivera, percussion, Sue Williams and Kermit Driscoll, bass, Dave Stryker, Guitar, Dick Oatts alto sax and flute, and Frank Elmo, tenor sax. And on such tracks as 'Bird of Beauty' she throws in some special effects form her troops. And who can resist the spell she weaves in 'You Are There' as a guitar duet with arranger Stryker.

All in all we are in the presence of an artist who understands it all because she gives us the feeling that she has been through it all, and that is something every real jazz singer strives to relate. It is all here.
Grady Harp for

Her voice… immediately I liked what I was hearing because she sounds like someone who can not only sing, but understands the power of the voice and how a good song can become better.. One hopes she'll continue to look forward so her fans will move along with her too. Book's reviews online

Everything about Stuart registers as a classic thrush.. Pulling off the balancing act of being new but familiar and still being able to pull you in, Stuart is simply going to be the new darling and heart throb of jazz vocal fans everywhere. A winner throughout. Chris Spector


"Beginning To See The Light"

- John Gilbert
Stuart is a splendid singer with a true sense of jazz (a rare commodity). This writer is a great admirer of singers like Nancy Kelly and Anita O'Day and I am pleased to say that Jane Stuart ranks right up there with them. For those who like legitimate jazz singers this recording will knock your socks off.

All Music Guide - Jonathan Widran
…formidable and versatile New York-based singer, whose soulful timbre at times is reminiscent of (Patti) Austin's gentler side, has recorded a set of impeccably arranged tunes. She seduces the listener immediately with her lively, finger snap-worthy take on Duke Ellington's "I'm Beginning To See The Light," tugs the heart on the exotic and moody "Out Of This World" and glides through "For All We Know" in a delightfully breezy two minutes. True to its title, this album is the essence of contemporary jazz illumination. -  Karl Stober
"For All We Know” stands out as a superb taste of her talent.  Not a flaw to be noticed, this cut flows so evenly making the entire listening experience a memorable one. Edison’s “Centerpiece” has Jane in a very cool mode. Jane’s debut spin is an honest piece of very hard work and time-tested arranging.

New Jersey Jazz Society - Joe Lang
…Stuart's singing reflects the extensive experience that she has had vocalizing with a host of top jazz players throughout her extensive and varied career. I found that both her phrasing and her voice found a happy home in my ears.

Talkinbroadway.comRob Lester
...lots of interesting things going, unrestrained. "Out Of This World" is luxurious and exploratory. Jane and jazz are a good match. She doesn't shy away from some more challenging pieces ("Four," "Visions"), she scats a bit and is not reluctant to bend a note or toy with tempo. Jane sounds vibrant, and bites into the lyrics.

Newark Star Ledger - Zan Stewart  
Jane Stuart's debut CD is a welcome addition to the jazz vocal library. A vocalist with a rich voice, relaxed rhythmic sense and pliable lyric delivery, she brings veracity and vigor to a range of songs. - Sari N. Kent
A luminous beacon of jazz is the perfect way to describe Jane Stuart’s Beginning to See the Light.

All About JazzMichael P. Gladstone
Jazz vocalist Jane Stuart's debut CD, Beginning to See the Light, ispresented in a bright manner by a singer who knows how to swing them properly.

David Amram - legendary musician, composer arranger
Jane Stuart has been singing her way for a long time and now it is beginning to be her time. She and her first rate band are all in love with the music, and make you love it too.

Bernadette Peters - Tony award winning actress, singer
I love the way Jane sings. She's always been one of my favorite singers.